JMB Songwriting Credits: 

Mark Lowry (Gather Gospel Series), Texwestus, Joe's Mule Barn, Dog Country...

Top 10 NSAI/CMT Song Contest, #3 Christian Country Song, Top 100 Texas Regional Radio Report, and #36 Country Song on the North Island of New Zealand (woohoo!)...over 1,000 songs written


Joe's Mule Barn is a team effort between...

Joe: He really doesn't do anything...just leaves the store and goes fishing, whether they're biting or not. Other than that we're really not sure what he does.


Steven Sumners:

West Texas songwriter, teacher/coach for 23 years, owns a grandpa phone, drinks as much coffee as legally allowable, loves writing positive up-tempo country


Steve Christopher:

Former airline pilot turned "song pilot" who can help anyone get a song idea off the ground, fly it into the wild blue yonder, and bring it back down for a stellar landing...loves songwriting craft, estate sale bargains, and writing positive music